New Destroyed For Comfort EP, Vaginoplasty, Now Available on Bandcamp


While recovering from a recent surgery, Destroyed For Comfort frontperson Rani Baker has composed an entirely instrumental experimental electronic album, released this week. A series of seven brief soundscapes exploring difficulties in the recovery process. Sounds were cultivated to replicate experiences like dripping blood, painkiller withdrawal, swelling and itching skin, burst stitches and lung recovery exercises.

Bandcamp link:

Each track was performed and recorded live in one take each using the Android phone app Kosmische Synthesizer, available on Google Play Store here.

EDIT: Album has been reviewed on music blog YES I KNOW IT SUCKS.


Destroyed For Comfort Album Chevalier D’Eon Reissued On CD!


Bandcamp Link:

Kunaki CD Purchase Link:

I went ahead and redid the album artwork as well. Will be keeping a stash of these around for live shows too!